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Flower Crowns

Hey! Have we met yet? If not keep on reading! My name is Holly and I am a mum of two little girls, situated in north Brisbane who has a keen passion for photography. Especially pets!! My love for animals started when I was very young, I have always been very caring and empathetic towards all creatures on earth and I knew that one day I would have a career where I got to hang out with them all day! And here I am! And to say that I love photographing pets would be a huge understatement!! I guess you could say I am a slight introvert so when I was little I always felt more comfortable around animals than people... Thankfully that has changed! I became a strong and passionate woman who believes in striving for what you love and being the best version of yourself.

So I was just scrolling the internet as we do in this century. And I came across the most beautiful photograph of this bull Arab wearing the most incredible and colorful, flower crown. Yep. I said it. Flower Crowns. On Dogs. The. Cutest. Thing. Ever....

Sooo....I fell in love! What an incredible and creative approach to capturing our beloved fur fam! We have a beautiful Rodesian Ridgeback called "Bella", who actually just turned the big whopping 10 years old on boxing day last year. The vet said she is now technically a Geriatric woman...But she wears her new grey hairs so beautifully! So I thought to myself, she is so majestic to photograph (the poor thing has been subjected to so much photography when I was learning and practising photographing pets. Lucky she is patient!) that I knew I just had to do a shoot like this!

So a flower crown it was! We had so much fun with this session, capturing all the years she has lived (along with a pretty floral arrangement!) and I cannot wait to frame this one and plonk it on the walls of our home. I have never had a dog for so long and she is just apart of us.

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